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Fixing Foot Odour

Do you experience Bromodosis? Unsure? I’ll rephrase.
 Do you have smelly feet? The law of averages say that either you do, or know someone who does. Bromodosis

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No Nails? No Problem!

It’s April. So we’re approaching that time of year where you’ve either got a summer holiday booked, or your finger is hovering over the book

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Treating a Triathlete

The Athlete If you follow us on our socials (@doncasterfootclinic) you’ll have hopefully seen some content around treating Lindsy James. Lindsy James is an athlete,

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Socks and Crocs

Don’t be a hater! It’s the height of fashion and you know it! Not only does it look good but, in terms of support &

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Time For a Trainer Purge!

The Patient I recently had a young lady come into the Doncaster Foot Clinic. 28 years old, a complicated history due to a serious injury.

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Podiatry/Chiropody treatments

Calling all Doncaster Athletes!

The Problem Are you based in and around the Doncaster area?Are you a Runner? Gym-Enthusiast? A part-time or full time Athlete?Do you often have niggling

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Foot Care Of Man Feet In Tub

Foot Care Advice For Tradespeople

Tradespeople, such as construction workers, mechanics, and electricians, are some of the hardest-working people in our society. They spend long hours on their feet, moving

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Foot Care

Foot Care After A Stroke

Strokes are a leading cause of disability and can affect various body parts including the feet. Foot care is an important aspect of stroke recovery

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Verruca Needling Treatment Needed

Is Verruca Needling Effective?

Scheduling an assessment to go over treatment options if your verruca is bothersome, making you uncomfortable or embarrassed, or if it is growing or spreading,

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Nail Cutting Do's and Don'ts

Nail Cutting Do’s and Don’ts

Most people underestimate the significance of nail cutting. If your nails are not correctly clipped, you can get infections beneath your nails, hangnails, and ingrown

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Custom Insoles

Do Custom Insoles Work?

With people’s feet constantly worsening as they spend the majority of their time on their feet, while there is no definitive cure, there are undoubtedly

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Painful corn on foot

When to Remove a Corn

A corn is one of the less concerning foot problems among the many that might occur. But that doesn’t make them any less annoying. Our

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Podiatry service being carried out

What is Podiatry?

With over 40 years of experience, Doncaster Foot Clinic has a team of podiatrists that offer a variety of services. But, one of the questions

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professional carrying out toenail cutting correctly

Our Top Tips for Toenail Cutting

The concept of a toenail-trimming handbook may seem absurd to some individuals. Everyone naturally picks this up on their own, right? The fact that you’ve

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Chiropodist preforming treatment on patients foot

What are Chiropodists?

We typically take our feet for granted. We are unaware of them until something goes wrong and we are forced to seek out a specialist.

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Verruca Needling being carried out by professional podiatrist

What is Verruca Needling?

For more than 45 years, Verruca Needling has been a tested method of getting rid of unsightly verrucas. Verruca needling, which was first mentioned as

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What Are Chilblains?

If you’ve ever come in from the cold and noticed small, itchy red patches on your skin, particularly your fingers and toes, you may be

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Woman massaging feet

How to Take Care of your Feet

Usually, when we’re paying attention to our overall health, we tend to forget about our feet, despite their crucial role in our everyday lives. They

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legs running on ground

5 Reasons to Visit a Podiatrist

If you’re experiencing foot or lower leg pain and discomfort, it’s probably time to visit your local foot clinic. Our HCPC registered podiatrists at Doncaster

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custom insoles used in chiropody treatments

What are Custom Insoles?

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort in your feet, legs or back, it might be time to try some custom insoles or orthotics. These specially

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feet foot pain image

Possible Causes of Foot Pain

When you’re suffering from foot pain or discomfort, it can be incredibly debilitating and can cause you a great deal of unnecessary stress. Common causes

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orthotics image

Biomechanics and Foot Care

When you develop any kind of pain in your feet or lower legs, it might be time for a biomechanical assessment. Biomechanics is the study

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feet in sand podiatrist in doncaster image

What is Podiatry?

When a certain part of your body becomes injured or needs medical assistance, there are professionals who can treat the ailment and support your recovery.

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