cosmetic toenail reconstruction

What is Cosmetic Toenail Reconstruction?

Toenail reconstruction is a cosmetic enhancing treatment which transforms even the most unsightly nails damaged by injury, surgery or fungal infection into beautiful looking toenails for up to 6 weeks. We use a renowned brand of nail gel product called Pedisafe which has been created specifically for toenail reconstruction, so there is no trauma caused to the nail plate or nail bed when in comparison to acrylic based products. Nail reconstruction can be applied for one-off occasions such as holidays abroad or for regular long term wear for year round confidence.

How does it work?
The specialised gel is applied and then cured in UV light to recreate the shape and appearance of a healthy, more aesthetically pleasing toenail. A two layer gel method is used making the gel flexible but also robust enough to withstand daily knocks and pressure exerted on our toenails from standing, walking, running and even footwear.

What are the benefits of cosmetic nail reconstruction?
Nail reconstruction is predominantly cosmetic but can also promote general nail health such as protection against fungal or bacterial infections. The main benefit we hear from our clients is confidence. If you ask yourself a simple question - In the Summer months, are you confident wearing sandals or do your toenails cause you anxiety and embarrassment? If the answer is the latter then nail reconstruction can really help. Improving nail appearance may seem trivial but for some people it can really help to boost their well-being and confidence.

What nail conditions can cosmetic nail reconstruction help with?

  • Fungal nails
  • Psoriatic nails
  • Cracked nails
  • Thickened or discoloured nails
  • Nails damaged following trauma
  • Nails partially or fully removed via surgery
  • Nails damaged following chemotherapy

  • Who can have cosmetic toenail reconstruction?
    Toenail reconstruction is for everybody! We regularly use this technique on male and female clients who have lost up to 90% of their natural nail. For people who have no toenail, we can make a nail prosthesis which can be worn for special occasions. Nail reconstruction is safe, hypoallergenic, has little known side-effects and is even suitable for people with diabetes

    How long does toenail reconstruction last?
    The reconstructed nail will usually last 6-8 weeks but this all depends on the amount of natural nail that is already there. If there is no nail in such circumstances like following a nail surgery for example, we would expect the nail to stay in place for a few days. However, this 'prosthetic' nail can be reused for special occasions by simply using a hypoallergenic nail glue to reapply it - a much better alternative than a tacky, plastic, false nail!

    How much does it cost?

    Nail Reconstruction Treatment - 1 big toenail - £59 (40 mins)

    Nail Reconstruction Treatment - 2 big toenails - £79 (60 mins)

    Key points of toenail reconstruction

    • Very high patient satisfaction rate

    • Suitable for men and women

    • Boosts confidence and general well-being

    • Vegan and cruelty free

    • Effective on even the most damaged, unsightly nails