Custom Insoles/Orthotics

How Can We Help?

Foot orthotics are custom-made inserts that are worn inside your shoe designed to treat biomechanical disorders and injuries throughout the body. Common problems we see include bunions, heel and arch pain, hammer toes and other foot deformities, as well as knee, hip and lower back pain.

Disorders of the feet are often found to be the underlying cause of such aches and pains in our body. One of these many foot disorders which is very common is known as an over pronated or flat foot type where the arch flattens too much and the foot rolls inwards. The opposite to this is a less common, high arch foot type where the arch cannot flatten enough and the foot is more rigid.

Orthotics work by supporting and realigning your foot to a more natural position improving its function, efficiency and comfort. After our highly skilled MSK podiatrist has accurately assessed your feet, orthotics can be prescribed that are unique to you, your activities, your occupation and the type of shoes you will wear them in.