Fungal Toenail Treatment

Have you got fungal nails that you just can’t get rid of? Are you fed up of tediously treating them with over-the-counter medications without any change? We offer you the most innovative, highly effective technology on the market today – Clearanail Pro®.

What is Clearanail Pro?

Clearanail Pro® is an intelligent device which allows the podiatrist to painlessly drill very small and precise holes into a fungal toenail, enabling it to get right to the source of infection without damaging the nail bed beneath. An antifungal spray is then simply applied to the infected toenail to kill off the fungus deep inside and restoration of a healthy, cosmetically appealing nail plate.

Will I be suitable?
Our HCPC registered podiatrist will undertake an assessment prior to your treatment to diagnose if a fungal infection is present and will assess the severity of infection.

Is this painful?
Clearanail has an integrated fully automated fail safe system to ensure the drill will not penetrate the nail bed making the procedure completely pain free, no matter how thick the nail is.

What’s the success rate?
Clearanail Pro® is almost 80% successful in treating common nail fungus with results usually being visible in 2-8 weeks.

Why are fungal nails so difficult to treat?
Fungal infection of the toenail manifests itself deep within the toenail or the nail bed itself, acting as a barrier between traditional treatments and the source of infection so are only effective in 22% of cases.

Why should I treat my fungal nail infection?
If early signs of fungal infection are ignored it could spread to the other toenails. Early intervention is advised for a much higher success rate.

What does the package include?
  • Clearanail Pro treatment
  • Anti-fungal spray - to be use twice daily

  • Key Points of Clearanail
    • Pain free
    • One-off treatment
    • 80% success rate
    • Permanent solution
    • No side effects