Misshapen Toenails

The most common reason for a toenail to deform is trauma. This may be from a single incident where something impacted the nail such as stubbing or dropping something on it, or repeated microtrauma which can develop over time from unsuitable footwear. Sometimes a nail deformity can be present since birth or even secondary after picking up a fungal infection.

How we can help

A deformed toenail, which is not caused by a fungal infection, is unlikely to be cured and may require routine treatment. Our HCPC registered podiatrists can manage deformed toenails by using specialised equipment such as an electric burr to file the toenail down and correctly cutting the toenail for a pain free and aesthetically pleasing result.

Further intervention
In such cases where a persistent, deformed nail is causing discomfort and can’t be managed through routine care then the option to remove the entire nail permanently through toenail surgery may be the best course of action. If you are concerned about a deformed toenail it is advisable to book an assessment with our podiatrist for further advice and the correct treatment plan for you.