Toenail Surgery

This is a minor procedure where part or all of your toenail is removed. The nail matrix (where your nail grows from) is then cauterised so that the problematic portion of your nail will not regrow. The method used will depend on the damage and shape of your toenail.

Will I be suitable for nail surgery?
Our HCPC registered podiatrist will undertake an assessment prior to your procedure, this involves taking a full medical history and to discuss which procedure is best for you. We may write a letter to your GP for more information regarding a medical condition or medication you are taking, if necessary.

Is this painful?
This minor procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic into the surrounding skin making the procedure pain free. The anaesthetic may last for several hours and the level of discomfort following the procedure is minimal to nothing at all.

What is the recovery time?
Following the procedure, you should be pain free immediately, as it is often the painful nail pressing into the skin which is the source of pain. As a section of nail has been removed and skin cauterised, this will create a small wound that takes some time to heal. Depending on your health status and lifestyle, we advise it can take anywhere between three weeks and three months to fully heal. The initial dressing we put on your toe can be fairly bulky, however this is removed to be redressed for a much smaller one the following day by the podiatrist.

All redressing appointments are at no charge so that we can monitor the healing progress, advise you how (and when) to change a dressing and supply the dressings required to do so. We also use a multi-purpose, medical laser on the wound at each redressing appointment which can speed up the recovery time by up to fifty percent!

Is toenail surgery the only treatment option?
We may recommend a conservative ingrown toenail management as an alternative treatment option if toenail surgery is deemed not appropriate for you. This may be due to certain medical conditions or a medication you may be taking. We always suggest that you discuss treatment options with your podiatrist first.

What does the package include?

  • Nail surgery procedure
  • 1 day dressing change
  • 1 week dressing change
  • 3 week dressing change
  • 5 week dressing change
  • Comprehensive dressing pack
  • Laser therapy to speed up recovery time
Key Points of Toenail Surgery
  • Pain free
  • One-off treatment
  • 95% success rate
  • Permanent solution
  • Cost effective