verruca needling Treatment

We offer a range of safe and clinically proven conservative verruca therapies within our clinic. Our HCPC registered podiatrists have a wealth of knowledge and experience in treating these stubborn lumps of skin and are qualified in the latest and highly effective evidence-based Faulkner Method technique (verruca needling therapy).

If your verruca is painful, causing you distress or embarrassment or is continuing to grow or spread then we suggest you book an assessment to discuss treatment options to get rid of it once and for all!

Faulkner Method (Verrucae Needling Therapy)

This is a minor procedure where a very fine needle is used to puncture your verruca repeatedly causing physical trauma in order to resolve it without the use of chemicals. If you have mosaic or multiple verrucas, the largest and thickest will be selected for treatment as this creates a whole body response, meaning that your untreated verrucas should resolve too. This highly skilled technique is only undertaken by our qualified podiatrist.

How often do I need to get this done?
Clinical studies show a success rate of 69% of verrucas being fully resolved at a 6 month review, although we do hold a higher success rate at our clinic. In contrast to other traditional verruca treatments such as cryotherapy or silver nitrate, this treatment option is usually only performed once only due to it’s high success rate.

Is this painful?
This treatment method is performed under local anaesthetic making the procedure pain free. We will numb a localised area of your foot or the whole foot itself depending where the verruca is. The anaesthetic will only last for a few hours and general feedback is that only minimal discomfort is experienced the following day. A sterile dressing will be applied over the verruca and the area will be offloaded with highly cushioned padding so that you should not feel discomfort whilst walking. Regular activities can be resumed within 48 hours, depending on the size and area of your verruca.

Is needling the only treatment option?
There are other conservative treatment options such as silver nitrate or salicylic acid which our podiatrist might suggest if needling is not appropriate for you due to medical reasons. We always suggest that you discuss treatment options with your podiatrist first.

What does the package include?
  • Faulkner’s Verrucae Needling Therapy
  • 1 week follow up
  • 6 month review
Key points of the Faulkner Method
  • 69% success rate
  • One-off treatment
  • Pain free
  • Resume to normal activities after 24 hours
  • Need only one verruca to be treated