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If you are experiencing any kind of foot pain or discomfort, then it’s time to see your local podiatrist. There are many common foot problems and causes of pain that are usually easy to treat, but to ensure that you’re getting an expert opinion, seeking help from a foot health professional is the best course of action. Podiatrists are fully qualified to implement effective foot treatment to make sure your feet feel as good as new.

As a HCPC registered foot health clinic, our podiatrists can assist you with any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing in your feet and lower legs. If you have any concerns or questions concerning your feet, do not hesitate to ask your chiropodist and get to the bottom of whatever is causing you stress and discomfort. Do you need to visit a podiatrist, but aren’t sure what to ask? Read our article below for a full guide on how to approach your concerns.

What is Causing My Foot Pain?

When most people start experiencing pain in their feet or lower legs, the first question that comes to mind is exactly what’s causing it. From ill fitting shoes to general injury, there are a multitude of reasons why you may be experiencing some aches and pains. When you turn up to your appointment with your podiatrist, explain exactly what the problem is, and they will do the rest.

After examining your feet, podiatrists will let you know what they believe you’re experiencing, and will explain its causes and possible treatments. Our podiatrists here at Doncaster foot clinic have years of experience concerning foot treatment and pain, and will always provide you with the best advice for going forward with your treatment.

What Are My Treatment Options?

As previously mentioned, your podiatrist will explain your treatment options to you after they’ve come to a diagnosis. Make sure you ask about any possible options to ensure that you get the best foot treatment that suits you. Common foot problems such as athlete’s foot and other fungal infections can be controlled with medicines such as antifungal creams. Other painful conditions such as foot and heel pain or plantar fasciitis can be cured with treatments such as physical therapy and custom insoles.

How Does Diagnosis Work?

When you arrive for your appointment with your podiatrist, they will perform a routine check to determine the problem and establish the most effective treatment method. If you are wary about any particular part of the consultation, don’t be afraid to ask your podiatrist over the phone to give you peace of mind. They will be more than happy to explain the procedure to you, and use their professional  knowledge to  provide you with a bespoke treatment plan for your feet. 

Here at Doncaster foot clinic, our general consultations last around 15 minutes, giving us time to assess your condition and offer our advice on the best treatment for you and your feet.

How Can I Look After My Feet?

Once your appointment is over and your podiatrist has advised on treatment, it might be worth asking what you can do to prevent the problem from recurring, if it’s possible. Your feet and lower legs are incredibly important to your everyday life and mobility, so taking good care of them is essential in avoiding any serious issues in the future.

In the meantime, consider wearing shoes that are more comfortable and fitting, and never try and treat a condition by yourself. Typical DIY remedies for foot problems such as trying to treat your own ingrown toenails or using a corn plaster on a painful corn can often make your symptoms worse and even lead to infection, so make sure you visit your local podiatrist first.

How Often Should I Make An Appointment?

If you suffer from ongoing health conditions such as diabetes, you should visit a podiatrist for foot treatments every few months so ensure that there are no changes to your feet and lower legs . Diabetes can cause problems to your circulation and nerve damage, tingling and pain in the feet, so it’s important that you visit a podiatrist regularly to avoid irreversible damage.

If you are experiencing any kind of foot or lower leg pain, whether you have ongoing illnesses that affect your feet or not, you should visit a podiatrist. Our HCPC registered professionals here at Doncaster foot clinic can  regularly assess your feet to ensure they remain as healthy as possible, and  provide  the most effective footcare treatment options for the best results. To book a consultation, please give us a call on 01302 342971.

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5 Questions To Ask Your Podiatrist