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If you’re experiencing foot or lower leg pain and discomfort, it’s probably time to visit your local foot clinic. Our HCPC registered podiatrists at Doncaster foot clinic can carry out routine check ups and give you a bespoke treatment plan for optimal results. Think it’s time to visit your local podiatrist? Read our list of potential reasons below.

Diagnosis of any pain and conditions

When it comes to foot care, you want the most optimal treatment possible. Podiatrists can assess any pain or complications you may be experiencing, and can put effective treatment plans in place to prevent further issues or the spread of infection.

Getting to the bottom of what’s causing your symptoms can be a huge weight off of your shoulders, so visiting a podiatrist to assess your foot health can improve your mental wellbeing too.

Keeps foot health optimal

Our feet are crucial to our day to day activities. For most of us they are the most overworked part of our body with an average of 10,000 steps walked per day! This is why having good foot health/having your feet checked regularly is more important than most people think.

Our podiatrists at Doncaster foot clinic perform a range of chiropody treatments guaranteed to give your feet the treatment they deserve. To book an appointment, please get in touch with us by calling 01302 342 971.

Helps day-to-day activity

When you’re suffering from pain in your feet, ankles or lower legs, it can make getting around more difficult than it needs to be. Walking, running or even just standing can be uncomfortable when your feet aren’t as healthy as they should be. Therefore, visiting a podiatrist when something doesn’t feel quite right can make your day-to-day life a whole lot easier.

Stay on top of long-term health conditions

If you suffer from conditions such as arthritis or diabetes, your feet and lower legs can suffer greatly from poor circulation or nerve damage. Regularly receiving foot health checks from your local podiatrist when you suffer from these common ailments can help you monitor your condition and take relevant action.

Our HCPC registered podiatrists here at Doncaster foot clinic can perform routine checkups and optimise your current foot care routine. You will be provided with reliable information and next steps needed to ensure that your feet are properly cared for, especially if you suffer from long-term health conditions.

Boost your self confidence

When the warmer months approach, or you decide to take a well-earned relaxing holiday, wearing sandals or opened-toe shoes can be difficult for individuals with foot concerns to do. However, with the proper care and attention, your feet can be ready for public exposure in the summer. 
Here at Doncaster foot clinic, our podiatrists perform a range of chiropody treatments, such as fungal toenail remedies, corn and callus removal, verruca treatment and cracked heel care. These specific treatments can ensure that your feet are beach-ready, and can increase your confidence when venturing out in public.

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5 Reasons to Visit a Podiatrist