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When a problem becomes visibly obvious in our feet, it can not only cause us a great deal of pain and discomfort, but some people can become embarrassed about having them on display in public. Foot health issues such as athlete’s foot and cracked heels can leave people feeling self conscious about their feet, so visiting a foot health clinic can help clear the problem and leave your feet feeling and looking healthier.

Here at Doncaster foot clinic, our podiatry services include the diagnosis and treatment of a range of different issues and concerns. Our HCPC registered health professionals can get to the bottom of your foot problem, and will implement the most effective course of treatment to help your feet feel as good as new. 

Calluses, Corns and Verrucas

Corns and calluses are small, hard lumps of skin  that can appear a result of abnormal pressure on a particular area of your foot.. Through soaking and moisturising, some lighter calluses can be managed at home, and usually aren’t a cause for concern. However,  long standing calluses and corns  will often cause pain and discomfort if  left untreated, and can leave your feet feeling rough. Your local podiatrist can help remove all your hard skin and corns, leaving your feet feeling smoother and pain free.

Verrucas usually appear at the bottom of your feet, and look like rough areas of skin with small pinpoints within it. A verruca is a virus spread by contact with affected surfaces, and can usually be picked up in pools and changing rooms. Sometimes, verrucas go away on their own, but they can cause pain when walking, and may need medical attention. Our podiatrists here at Doncaster foot clinic are experts in foot care, and can help assist you with any problems you may be experiencing. We use what is called the Faulkner Method technique to remove verrucas effectively and efficiently with just a single treatment.

Ingrown Toenails

A painful problem to have, ingrown toenails can severely affect your overall foot health if they become infected. Attempting to remove the nail yourself can result in this, and can even leave you in more pain than before. Before turning to DIY methods, always consult your local foot health clinic first.

Your local podiatrist can safely and carefully and painlessly remove the  part of the nail that is digging into your skin, leaving you free of pain and able to carry on as normal. If your toe is severely infected, then nail surgery may need to take place to remove a section of the nail or the nail entirely. 

Athletes Foot

A common fungal infection, athlete’s foot causes itchy patches of skin on your feet, usually between your toes. It can be caught by walking barefoot where  an infected person has been in contact, such as changing rooms. There are different types of fungal infections but most  can be easily treated with the correct antifungal cream or spray prescribed to you by your local podiatrist 

Our podiatrists here at Doncaster foot clinic can assess your condition and offer the best course of treatment. We offer a range of creams and anti-fungal options which can be bought in the clinic, and we can also remove any hard skin and corns to keep you and your feet healthy. If you would like to book an appointment, or require more information, please give us a call on  01302 342971.

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Different Aesthetic Problems that can Affect Feet