Discoloured Toenails

A toenail can look discoloured simply because it is thickened. As thickness continues to build it is difficult to see the vascular pink nail bed and instead the nail looks yellow or pale, losing its natural shine. Alternatively the nail may have a fungal infection which is why it appears discoloured. If infected, the nail may also be brittle or have a slight smell when up close.

How we can help

These types of nail can be managed by our HCPC registered podiatrist by routinely thinning it down to give it a more natural look. This is achieved by using our specialist equipment if they are proving difficult for you to cut, causing you distress or are uncomfortable.

Further intervention
A podiatrist can also send a clipping of your toenail to for microbiology testing to identify if an infection is present. This is only necessary where a podiatrist thinks an infection is likely and you wish to begin treatment to resolve it.