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Just Think About It…

If your teeth were hurting would you call your GP or see the Dentist? If your glasses weren’t doing you any good anymore would you call your GP or see an Optometrist? If are suffering from foot pain, unless you’ve had a major trauma where you know you probably need an X-Ray, your first port of call should be a local Podiatry Clinic!

So Who Are We?

We are specialists in feet. But too often we are forgotten about as a service that anyone can access. You don’t need a special referral from your GP, or for your pain or problem to get beyond manageable. 

We’ll treat basic problems before they get really bad. Ingrown toenails, corns and calluses are our bread and butter – and left untreated, they can become a proper pain to self-manage & will only get worse! GP’s won’t treat you for these problems. They’ll put you on a waiting list for a Podiatrist…but even that doesn’t mean you’ll get treated!

Should I go NHS or Private?

For the people of Doncaster, where my clinic is based, accessing a Podiatrist on the NHS can involve a four month waiting list (or more), before potentially being told their callus or corn isn’t something within the Podiatrist’s remit. That’s four months of pain and discomfort with no thorough treatment at the end of it. How frustrating!

Skip that waiting list! With five on-site Podiatrists, Doncaster Foot Clinic generally will have availability within a couple of weeks or so! We can assess, manage, treat and cure at the speed of lightning!

How Can Doncaster Foot Clinic Help You

We’re not just callus and corn curers though! And it’s not just tales of tough verruca’s and toenails either! We can treat foot, ankle and knee pain! We have an abundance of gold standard technology at our finger tips to assess your pain trigger points & treat it. Whether that be with orthotics, laser pain relief or shockwave therapy! Podiatry is a service that’s accessible to all who would benefit from fantastic feet (and that’s everyone)!

Get in Touch!

Still stuck on what would be best for you? Everyone’s feet and needs are different. Our podiatrists at Doncaster Foot Clinic can provide you with support, direction, and care throughout your recovery for all of your foot issues. Since our staff are skilled in a variety of foot treatments, we can ensure that your foot health is in great hands. You can reach us by calling us at 01302 342 971. Or, to stay updated with our clinical updates and specials, follow us on Facebook.

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Foot Problem? See a Foot Doctor!