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Foot problems are a common issue for many individuals, particularly those who are overweight or obese. Excessive weight puts extra pressure on the feet, leading to various foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and calluses.

Foot Problems Caused By Obesity

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot problems caused by weight issues. This condition occurs when the fascia, a band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot, becomes strained and inflamed. This can cause severe pain in the heel and arch of the foot, making it difficult to walk or stand for long periods of time.

Heel spurs are another common foot problem caused by weight issues. These are small bony growths that form on the heel bone and can cause pain and discomfort. The extra pressure on the heel from being overweight can cause these spurs to develop, leading to pain and discomfort when standing or walking.

Calluses are another common foot problem caused by weight issues. These are thick, rough areas of skin that develop on the feet due to friction and pressure. They are most commonly found on the balls of the feet, heels, and soles. Overweight individuals are more likely to develop calluses because of the increased pressure on the feet from their extra weight.

Aside from these common foot problems, being overweight or obese can also increase the risk of developing other foot conditions such as bunions, arthritis, hammertoes, and flat feet. Bunions are bony growths that develop on the side of the big toe, causing it to become misaligned due to increased pressure. Hammertoes are a condition in which the toes become bent or curled, making it difficult to walk or wear shoes comfortably. Arthritis can develop more quickly in the feet and ankles which can cause swelling or discomfort, even when resting. Flat feet is a condition in which the arches of the feet flatten, causing pain and discomfort when standing or walking.

When Should I Address These Foot Problems?

It is important to address these foot problems as soon as possible, as they can lead to more serious conditions and make it difficult to participate in physical activities. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy body weight can help to reduce the pressure on the feet and reduce the risk of foot problems.

What Can I Do To Prevent Them?

Wearing properly fitting shoes with good arch support and cushioning can also help to relieve pressure on the feet. Shoes with a wide toe box and a low heel are recommended for individuals with foot problems, as they provide more room for the toes and reduce the pressure on the heel. Orthotics with incorporated arch supports and deep heel cups, can also help to provide extra support and help to distribute pressure more evenly in the feet.

In addition to wearing proper shoes and using orthotics, individuals with foot problems caused by weight issues can also benefit from exercises to strengthen the muscles in the feet and lower legs. A podiatrist can provide you with a stretching programme for tightened muscles and will mobilise stiffened joints in  the feet and ankles to help relieve pain and discomfort. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary to correct more chronic foot problems.

How Can Doncaster Foot Clinic Help You?

Our qualified podiatrists at Doncaster Foot Clinic can provide you with support, advice, and treatment for all of your foot problems. Our podiatrists are experts in a variety of foot problems. You can reach us by calling us at 01302 342 971. Alternatively, to stay up to date with our clinical updates and specials, follow us on Facebook.

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Foot Problems Caused By Weight Issues