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While the name “podiatry” was coined in the twentieth century, the history of foot doctors dates back much further, however many people believe it is a 21st-century concept. Professional foot treatments and care originate back to Ancient Egypt, 2400 BC to the tomb of Ankmahor, a physician. Pictorial carvings of feet being cared for can be found on the walls of his tomb, with those of the higher class distinguishing themselves with red toenail paint. Within this article, we are going to take a deeper look at the history of foot care…

Going Back to Basics

Foot treatments can be traced back 4000 years to the cultures of Babylon, China, Greece, and Egypt, when this practice of caring for one’s feet began. It may appear odd, but if you evaluate their culture, you will notice that the upper-class, women particularly, were frequently treated in an aristocratic fashion, particularly in Egyptian culture. Many individuals feel that the French manicure, which was first introduced in 1975, popularised foot treatments and prompted people to begin treating their feet.

Foot Treatments in China

In ancient China, women and men of higher socioeconomic classes began getting pedicures and having their nails painted to signify that they belonged to royal families in 3000 BC. It was a popular practice for both men and women at the time. Touch was crucial to traditional Chinese medical physicians, martial artists, Buddhists, and Taoists in their spiritual yoga training, thus they would have regular treatments, including foot massages.

Foot Treatments in Greece

Massage therapy, including foot therapy, dates back to about 800 and 700 BCE in Greece. Athletes used massage to sculpt their bodies before competitions, while doctors combined herbs and oils with massage to treat a variety of medical conditions.

In the fifth century BCE, Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, employed friction, a massage technique, to alleviate physical injury. He was also the first to advocate for massage, a good diet, exercise, fresh air, and music to restore a healthy balance. He also investigated corns and calluses on the foot and invented tools to remove them, which are now known as scalpels. We still hear about his work regarding foot treatments and health today!

Foot Treatments in Babylonia 

 Centuries ago in Babylonian culture, the men and women utilised gold equipment to give themselves pedicures. The equipment was so expensive that having a pedicure was only available to those of the upper-class. People used kohl, a pigmented black powder, to decorate their nails, and the colour of nail paint they used was determined by their class. The poorer classes used to wear green, while the upper classes wore black. As a result, looking after your feet was a statement of your class.

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Foot Treatments: The History Of Foot Care