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We’ve all been there. We’ve rung up the Doctors at 8am due to an ailment that we’d like treatment for – only to be told there’s no appointments. If you manage to get an appointment, this doesn’t guarantee treatment. Sometimes you’re still left waiting for weeks or, potentially, months.

”But He’s Struggling to Walk NOW

Recently I had a conversation with a Mother of a young lad. I’ve heard this same sort of story countless times in my profession. Her son had an ingrown toenail and it was causing him constant pain. “He’s on the Doctors waiting list, but he’s struggling to walk NOW”.

Access to quick treatment, when you’re in pain, is frustrating. Watching your child in pain and not being able to do much to relieve it (without potentially making things worse), is upsetting.

What this Mum maybe didn’t realise was, once the GP got round to seeing her son, the likelihood of him getting treatment there was slim as this isn’t something they will usually deal with. From there, they will have likely been referred to a Podiatrist. This also isn’t an instantaneous appointment. The NHS website itself says;

“The NHS Podiatry Service is a drastically underfunded sector, although this rings true for many NHS services. Due to this, priority is given to the most severe cases. Referral to a podiatrist on the NHS may not be available to everyone and waiting times can be long. You can pay to see a podiatrist privately.”

So going back to the Mum in question, and her son in pain, there’s a high chance they’ll have had to have waited months to see a Podiatrist. There’s also a chance, based on the NHS website, that they wouldn’t have even had access to a Podiatry referral. Ultimately, the system isn’t built for small to medium severity lower limb problems like an ingrown toenail.

And that’s why Private Podiatry Clinic’s, like Doncaster Foot Clinic, are a crucial community resource. Practically instant access to an appointment means instant access to treatment and instant access to the needed relief from symptoms. Thankfully, the Mum in question assessed all of her options instead of staying on the GP’s Waiting List.

Her son is now walking pain free after a very quick turnaround between enquiry, appointment and treatment!

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NHS or Private for Ingrown Toenails?