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It’s April. So we’re approaching that time of year where you’ve either got a summer holiday booked, or your finger is hovering over the book button. Failing that, we’re all just dragging ourselves through the last of the bad weather, looking forward to sunnier times ahead. Beer gardens and beaches!

Sun’s Out, Toe’s Out!

It’s the time of year where your boots and trainers take a back seat because your sandals and flip flops are on! That’s the case for everyone…unless you’re someone who has toenails that you want to keep hidden away!

But My Toenails are Ugly

Damaged toenails, or missing toenails altogether, can happen for a number of reasons; from fungal infections, direct trauma to the nail, nail surgery or certain health conditions like psoriasis. Simply dropping something on your toe, having it trodden on or stubbing it can sometimes mean the nail just refuses to grow back slim, pink and healthy.

Cosmetic Toenail Reconstruction is the ONLY Answer!

But we can help your feet look fabulous for Summer 2024! We offer Cosmetic Toenail Reconstruction treatment, using Pedisafe – a nail gel specifically created for this job! When applied and then cured in UV light, we can recreate the shape and appearance of a healthy, more aesthetically pleasing toenail in just 40 minutes. A two layer gel method is used making the gel flexible but also robust enough to withstand daily knocks and pressure exerted on our toenails from standing, walking, running and even footwear.

All in all, the results should last for about six to eight weeks, although this is dependent on how much natural nail you have left. The gel dries clear and is safe to be painted the same as the rest of your toenails!

Get in Touch

We’re already being inundated with requests for treatment. If you have an event in mind that you want this done for, I’d highly recommend booking in sooner rather than later to guarantee fabulous looking feet! Be sure to check out our socials to see some of the before and after photos of the toes that have undergone cosmetic toenail reconstruction, you’ll be amazed at the results!

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No Nails? No Problem!