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During pregnancy, women experience a variety of foot problems they’ve never encountered before. Severe cracked heels especially, are a very frequent occurrence. This is a result of fluid buildup, called edema, in the feet caused by the weight and position of the baby. Edema causes the feet to swell and enlarge, which dries out the skin and causes it to crack. This certainly adds significant discomfort to the already substantial discomfort of swollen feet. Dry heels shouldn’t be disregarded because, if untreated, they can develop into something much more serious. In this article, we’ll discuss the causes and remedies for severe cracked heels.

Why Do I Have Severe Cracked Heels?

Women undoubtedly experience a lot of hormonal changes, in addition to the weight of the baby and the change in posture. These hormonal changes cause your skin to lose its elasticity and moisture, which causes dryness of the skin. Due to additional stress on the skin during the third trimester of pregnancy, severely cracked heels are more noticeable and painful.

How Do I Treat Severe Cracked Heels?

There are numerous ways to reduce the discomfort and pain caused by cracked heels. One method is to soak your feet in warm, soapy water for ten minutes before patting them dry. After that, use a loofah or foot scrubber to exfoliate the dead skin off your heels. Then apply a thick, oil-based cream, such as Eucerin or Cetaphil, or petroleum jelly. After putting this on, put on a pair of light cotton socks at night to let the moisturiser absorb. 

Another method to treat your cracked heels is a liquid bandage. A liquid bandage comes as a spray, which means that you can go about your day without worrying about it coming off. These are especially beneficial for deep heel cracks that bleed. You should apply the liquid bandage to clean, dry skin. As the crack in your feet heels, the coating is forced to the skin’s surface.

You can also use honey as a natural remedy for cracked heels. Honey has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Therefore, it can help heal and cleanse wounds as well as moisturise the skin. As well, you can use honey as a foot scrub after a soak, or apply it as a foot mask overnight. Other natural remedies include shea butter, to moisturise, paraffin wax, to seal in moisture, vinegar for a foot soak or vegetable oil to moisturise. 


How Can Doncaster Foot Clinic Help Severe Cracked Heels? 

We can offer advice on how to get back on your feet more comfortably and find the right treatments for your severe cracked heels while you navigate the challenges of pregnancy. You can reach us by email or by calling 01302 342 971, and we’ll help you find the right podiatrist for you. To stay up to speed with our clinical updates and specials, follow us on Facebook. Or, check out our blog where you can find all our foot treatments and services.

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Severe Cracked Heels During Pregnancy? Here’s Why