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Don’t be a hater! It’s the height of fashion and you know it!

Not only does it look good but, in terms of support & stability around the house for those suffering with flat feet, plantar fasciitis or other similar conditions, there’s no better option that I’ve found.

So how do they help with Foot Pain?

At Doncaster Foot Clinic, we’ve recently treated two clients. They are sisters with almost identical feet and, therefore, almost identical issues. Their arches are non-existent and both complain about foot pain when doing every day household jobs. “What do you wear on your feet in the house?” “Nothing or socks” Daily pain and discomfort for such a long time, with such a simple solution. Wear something on your feet. Something solid and cushioned…

Complexity is Impressive but Simplicity is Genius

Both of these ladies already owned Crocs. Neither wore them regularly as, again, they felt pain through the soles of their feet. Podiatrist’s go through years of training and education to look after people’s feet…but common sense is also essential. The simple suggestion of “wear thick socks with them whilst your feet adjust” has changed their life! They love their Crocs & Socks and their daily foot pain and niggles has all but disappeared!

Top of the Crocs

There’s other solutions of course if you’re not for the Croc Life. Anything with a decent sole around the house is going to give your body more shock absorption than being bare foot. But I genuinely find Croc’s the overall best solution for the average person who needs more cushioning on their feet around the house. They’re also ideal for people with wider feet, feet that swell & people with mobility limitations due to their easy slide on nature. Furthermore, the little strap on the back of the heel will stop any “slobbing off”, so there’s no clenching of the toes just to keep them on your feet as you would a slider, slipper or a flip-flop!

That’s not to say I’d recommend them becoming daily out and about wear. Pottering about the house, maybe nipping to the shop or running and errand if you really want to show off how fashion forward you are. But anything above and beyond that…put on actual trainers please!

Get in Touch

Everyone’s feet and needs are different. If you’re concerned about an aspect of your foot health, give us a call & arrange a consultation! Our podiatrists at Doncaster Foot Clinic can provide you with support, direction, and care throughout your recovery for all of your foot issues. Since our staff are skilled in a variety of foot treatments, we can ensure that your foot health is in great hands. You can reach us by calling us at 01302 342 971. Or, to stay updated with our clinical updates and specials, follow us on Facebook.

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Socks and Crocs