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Like any part of your body, your feet and lower legs need special care and attention every now and again. Foot health and care can allow you to walk and stand better, and taking the time to treat them when things don’t feel right can have a positive impact in the future. As a podiatrist in Doncaster, we understand how to treat feet and can help you with whatever concerns you may have.

If you find yourself suffering with problems in your feet, your GP will more than likely send you to a podiatrist, so why not visit one straight away? If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “is there a podiatrist near me?,” Doncaster foot clinic are fully qualified health professionals who can assist you with all your foot care needs.

Read our article below to see why podiatry and foot care is so important.


If you experience any ailments concerning your feet and lower legs, a podiatrist can help diagnose your problem and can help find ways to assist you. Podiatrists can help ease and cure foot care issues such as corn removal, ingrown toenail management and verrucas. They can also help individuals with more serious medical conditions such as chronic pain and diabetes.

It is advised that individuals with diabetes visit a podiatrist every so often in order to detect complications early. People who suffer from diabetes as well as neuropathy or vascular disease should check daily for foot swelling or redness, as it could be a sign of an infection. You should also wash your feet regularly and moisturise drier areas.

If you have a concern about your foot health, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) podiatrists in Doncaster who have 23 years of experience in foot health and care.

Lifestyle Effects

If you live quite an active lifestyle that involves being on your feet more often than most, you’re more than likely to experience problems in your feet and legs. If your job involves you being on your feet, or you enjoy running for exercise, your feet can experience strain or sprains, and may need to be treated.

Athlete’s foot is a common issue faced by individuals with an active lifestyle. It can be caused by sweat and shared towels, and can be picked up in shower rooms and gyms. It’s important to keep an eye on any symptoms of athlete’s foot, and get it treated as soon as possible. Here at Doncaster foot clinic, we can help you decide on the best treatment, as well as removing any hard skin or causes of irritation.

When to See a Podiatrist

You should visit a podiatrist if you experience any of the conditions mentioned above, or if your feet are causing you any pain or discomfort whatsoever. If you are in need of a biomechanical assessment, need a general consultation or are experiencing discomfort, then it’s always worth getting in contact with a podiatrist.A podiatrist in Doncaster, our foot clinic is HCPC registered and our staff are fully qualified to deal with all your foot care needs. To book a consultation, please get in touch with us by calling 01302 342 971.

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The Importance of Podiatry