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There are a range of common foot problems that affect most people at some point in their lives. From corns and verrucas to athletes foot and bunions, there are a range of foot care issues that can occur, most of which can be effectively treated by your local podiatrist. One of the most common ailments concerning our feet are ingrowing toenails.

An ingrown nail can cause a lot of pain and distress. It usually affects your big toe, but not always. Here at Doncaster Foot Clinic, our HCPC registered podiatrists can offer trusted medical advice on diagnosis and treatment, and can provide care that will aim to prevent infection of the nail and surrounding skin. 

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Ingrowing toenails are caused when the nail is pressed or squeezed into or against the skin and can be extremely uncomfortable for some. They commonly occur due to faulty nail cutting, leaving a portion of nail embedded in the skin. As the nail grows forward, this sharp piece of nail will eventually grow into the skin with resulting redness, pain, swelling and at its worst, infection. 

Ingrowing toenails are also commonly seen in people with unsuitable footwear that don’t accommodate the shape of their foot. If the front of your shoes is too tight it will press the toes together and cause pressure on the sides or the nails. If your feet are regularly hot and sweaty, your skin will be softer, making it easier for the nail to penetrate the skin. They can also occur if you cut your toenails too short.

How We Can Help

If you think that you have an ingrown toenail, you should consult a podiatrist. With early intervention, a podiatrist can treat your ingrown toenail by gently and painlessly clearing the section of nail that is pressing against the skin, resulting in immediate relief on the day. 

A podiatrist can also make a custom-made spacer to fit between your toes, removing the pressure from the area of pain where appropriate. Expert advice on how to prevent the problem recurring will also be given, after all, prevention is better than cure.

Here at Doncaster Foot Clinic, our highly qualified podiatrists can assess your foot and provide professional advice concerning diagnosis and treatment. We can treat your ingrown toenail by gently and painlessly clearing the section of nail that is pressing against the skin.

Further Intervention

If you have an ingrown toenail which cannot be treated conservatively due to significant discomfort or persistent infections however, then nail surgery may be appropriate. This is a minor procedure where a slither or even the full nail is removed under local anaesthetic, which numbs the toe. The nail bed is then treated with a chemical to stop the nail growing back, creating a lifelong solution to the problem.

Our local podiatrists here at Doncaster Foot Clinic can offer guidance and advice if you’re considering surgery, and following an appointment, can guide you towards the best course of action. To book a consultation, please contact us by calling 01302 342 971.

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    I started to use the Doncaster Foot Clinic last Autumn, my fifth bi-monthly appointment is in April. I return because I find that I am given good service by knowledgeable young men ( that’s comparative I am 83).
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What are Ingrowing Toenails?