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Here at Doncaster Foot Clinic, we’re proud to be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), a regulator of various health and care professionals. Our HCPC registration shows that we are dedicated to ensuring our patient’s safety, as the organisation sets standards for all their members to meet.

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Who Are HCPC

The Health and Care Professions Council are made up of a specialist network of teams, committees, departments and partners. The council has the responsibility for protecting the public using registrants’ services, and holds meetings that anyone can attend. Committees provide assistance to the council, and provide a range of different services. These include the audit committee, education and training programmes and panels, and remuneration.

Their departments support a variety of services and people, and work to ensure that the council is operating smoothly. These departments include communications, education, finance, governance and quality assurance.

Who They Regulate

As well as supporting our foot clinic in Doncaster, the HCPC regulates 15 health and care professions. These protected titles include chiropodists such as us, paramedics, physiotherapists, radiographers and biomedical scientists, plus more.

The government ultimately decides who should be regulated, and the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) holds accredited voluntary registers which they have assessed against their own standards. They cover professionals and services that aren’t regulated by law, both in and out of the NHS.

What They Do

As previously mentioned, the HCPC regulates healthcare services and sets standards for their professional’s education and training. They keep a list of their registrants and will take action if they do not meet their standards.

Regularly advising their service users, healthcare professionals and carers, the HCPC work to ensure the council is working optimally and is regulating efficiently. The professionals that they regulate have one or more designated titles that must be protected by law, and healthcare professionals must be registered. They also regulate professions who are allowed to sell and prescribe medicines.

In Summary

Doncaster Foot Clinic are proud to be registered by the Health and Care Professions Council, and are fully qualified members of the Society of Chiropodist and Podiatrists. Specialising in foot health and care, we are providing successful treatments to the people in Doncaster and South Yorkshire.

If you would like to book an appointment, give us a call on 01302 342 971. Alternatively, you can email us at Our foot clinic in Doncaster is happy to help assist you with any problems you may be experiencing.

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What is the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)?