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Looking after your foot health taking care of your lower legs is incredibly important to ensure your long term mobility and wellness. If you are experiencing any form of foot pain or discomfort in your feet and lower limbs, then it’s always worth booking an appointment with a chiropodist to get the appropriate treatment. Chiropody treatments can help improve your mobility, comfort and even your posture.

Chiropody and podiatry have exactly the same meaning, only podiatry is the more up to date term. Whatever you decide to refer to them as, podiatrists are fully qualified health professionals specialising in all forms of foot problems. There are plenty of treatment plans suitable for your ailments, and here at Doncaster Foot Clinic, we can help you get the treatment you need as efficiently as possible.

Want to know more about the different kinds of chiropody treatments? Read our article below to find out more.

Common Ailments

There are a range of common foot illnesses and infections that could cause you to visit a podiatrist. Corns and calluses, verruca treatments, and ingrown toenails are all painful, irritating issues that can affect anyone in their lifetime. If you notice something amiss with your foot health, you may need to undergo some form of chiropody treatment.

If you want some personal foot care instead of the diagnosis and managing of ailments, chiropody treatments can include simple nail cutting and foot soaks. Feet specialists such as podiatrists not only assist in curing illnesses, but can also give your feet the pampering that they need every now and again. These treatments can range from nail cuts to the removal of areas of hard skin, leaving your feet feeling smooth and healthy.

If you’re suffering from a skin or nail condition on your feet that won’t go away, get in touch with our fully qualified health professionals at Doncaster Foot Clinic. Our chiropody treatments range from medical to general foot care, and we can identify any foot problems you may be experiencing and offer advice on the best course of treatment.


If your issues concerning your feet are more joint, muscle or bones related, then you may need a biomechanical assessment. Biomechanics concern all the elements of your body that allow it to move and function, and when something goes wrong, it can affect your entire mobility. At a biomechanical assessment, your podiatrist will study your lower leg, foot, ankle or any other part of your lower leg that is troubling you, and will advise on the best course of treatment.

If you simply want a professional opinion from a fully qualified podiatrist, you can request a general consultation to discuss your foot health and what you could do to help cure or ease your problems. Whether it’s foot pain, ankle problems or lower leg issues such as shin splints, our HCPC registered podiatrists can professionally analyse your issue and will put you on the correct course of treatment.

No matter the issue, whether it be big or small, our podiatrists are here to help. We provide excellent chiropody treatments suited to your needs and ailment, and our professional opinion can set you on the right course for treatment.

Custom Insoles and Orthotics

Foot orthotics are custom made inserts that can be placed inside of your shoes to assist with biomechanical disorders throughout your body. Common issues include hammertoes, bunions and heel and arch pains. Medically designed orthotics can drastically improve whatever ailment is causing you problems, and can realign your foot to make you more mobile and comfortable.

Here at Doncaster Foot Clinic, we can provide you with specifically designed insoles and orthotics to improve your overall foot and lower leg health, providing you with ease of movement and comfort. To inquire further about how our chiropody treatments can help you, please contact us by calling 01302 342 971.

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Different Types of Chiropody Treatments